To continue making goods which will surprise people who first see them.

ティーヘッドの代表であり、フロッキーアーティストとしても活動している”kishi yoshida”がモノ作りを通して心がけていることです。流行の速いファッション業界において日々新しいモノを創り続ける事は大変ですが、常に探究心を忘れずに挑戦しています。この姿勢が少しずつお客さまに伝わり喜んで頂けるようになってきました。まだまだ知らない方の多い直植毛(じかしょくもう)フロッキーですが、今後は、新しい素材の開発やさらに毛足の長いもの、フロッキー加工の難しい素材への挑戦などを通じて、誰も見たことのない新しいフロッキーを世界へ発信していきます。

代表取締役 / フロッキーアーティスト 

As the owner of T-head, as well as a flocky artist, kishi yoshida always keeps this passion in mind as he creates new goods. Although it is challenging to create new products daily in the ever-changing fashion industry, he is always pushing forward with an inquisitive mind. We have begun to convey this thinking to our customers, and we are happy to find that they are pleased with our work. Our method of handmade flocky products is still in its beginning stages. However, we will continue challenging ourselves to develop and improve the process of making flocky products by using new materials and creating shaggier goods, and strive to introduce these never before seen flocky products to the world.

President / Flocky Artist Kishi Yoshida


Creating fascination as a flocky artist.


We use our one of a kind handmade flocky technique in all kinds of clothing. We handle all aspects of the production of our clothing ourselves, from design,plate-making,silk screen printing, to flocky insertion. We produce works for our own brand "beanxious", as well as for major clothing companies and designer labels in a built-to-order process.


Bringing a new 3D visual aspect to clothing with handmade flocky.

  • 長毛極細直植毛フロッキー(4ミリ仕様)

    Ultrafine long hair handmade flocky (4mm length)

  • シルクプリントが浮き出る

    Silk screen print with stand out watermark handmade flocky

  • 複数色使いの直植毛フロッキー

    Handmade flocky utilizing multiple colors


Our original brand made in company from start to finish.

2007年全ての商品に直植毛フロッキーを用いた beanxiousというオリジナルブランドを設立。beanxious=気になる・気がかり。注目すべきは、独創的なデザイン性。飛び出してくるような立体感と、直植毛の細やかな質感を引き立たせるデザインはとても表情豊かで魅力的です。大人から子どもまでファミリーで着られる"COOL"でお洒落なデザインと、高い加工技術でアパレル業界や有名デザイナーとのコラボレーション作品も展開しています。

We established our original brand "beanxious" which uses our handmade flocky technique on all clothes in 2007. We want our brand to create a feeling of curiousity and excitement. Of note is our original, unique design, which is expressive and charming with its 3D design that jumps out at you and its smooth, soft feeling created by our handmade flocky technique. From kids to adults, our designs are fashionable and cool, and can be worn by all ages. We also collaborate with well-known designers in the apparel world to create high quality flocky clothes.


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